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Beginner Photography Tip – Hold the Camera Steady

Here in Texas, I am pretty sure most of us have shot a gun before. Remember that first lesson? The instructor (or, inView full post »

Beginner Photography Tip – Focus and Recompose

Cameras are super advanced these days, so advanced that they even recognize that your kids or friends are smiling andView full post »

Beginner Photography Tip – Shooting in Av mode

Last time we talked a little bit about the round dial that shows Green Square, P, Tv, Av, etc. You might be askingView full post »

Beginner Photography Tip – Turn off that pop-up flash

When cameras come out of the factory, the round dial that shows Green Square, P, Tv, Av, etc is pointed to the GreenView full post »

Beginner Photography Tip – Best way to get into photography

“Your photos are great, you must have an awesome camera!” I am sure you all have heard that one. DSLRView full post »

How to Mentally Prepare for an Engagement Portrait Session

Getting your engagement pictures taken professionally should be a fun and special experience. However, we have noticedView full post »


I wanted to say something about the previous post. Photoshop is cool and it’s very powerful, but I have to stressView full post »

Before and After

Before I share some “Before and After” pictures with you, I want to take you behind the scene and tell youView full post »

We are back!

Oh it’s good to be back! And already we have so much work to do…heh heh! Thank you all for being so patientView full post »

Retouching is fun…but a lot of work!

Some of you is asking how come we charge so much more for a print while you can get it printed at Wal-mart for 19View full post »

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