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    Hey there! We are Alice + Eric, owners of Serendipity Photography of Houston, Texas! This is the perfect place to get to know a little more about us both professionally and personally.

    The blog is frequently updated with images from weddings, engagement/bridal shoots, baby shoots, you name it. If there are no shoots to blog about, we'll probably show you what Lauren and Tommy are doing, where we are off to this weekend, what new toys we got, just never know. Life inspires us, and we want to show you how passionate we are about capturing it on camera.

    Whether you are already a fan of ours or you somehow just stumbled onto our blog, we are glad you are here! So come on in!! Take your shoes off, grab a seat, put your feet up on the couch, and make yourselves at home!!

Lakeway Wedding

This is a recent wedding we shot; it was a beautiful wedding. They were a gorgeous couple and the family was one of theView full post »

Perspective on life

Many years ago before I picked up photography I couldn’t understand it when people say the world is a beautifulView full post »


Ikebana (literally ‘flowers kept alive’) is also known as Japanese Flower Arrangements. Alice’s momView full post »

Fun at Apple Store

If you haven’t done it before, you really owe it to yourself. Go to an Apple store, find any vacant computer,View full post »


I saw this bumper sticker on a car today. It uses the peace sign, yin yang, and various religious symbols to spell oneView full post »

Tamara and Roderick’s Engagement Session

Yesterday was Tamara and Roderick’s Engagement Session. We were all a little worried…it’s beenView full post »

Retouching is fun…but a lot of work!

Some of you is asking how come we charge so much more for a print while you can get it printed at Wal-mart for 19View full post »

How about some nicer weather please?

What is going on with this weather anyway? For the 9 years I have been in Texas I haven’t seen that much rain. IView full post »

Fancier website in sight

We’ve actually gotten a lot of praises about our current website. Our clients are saying that it’s easy toView full post »

Can you parallel park?

Who needs Lexus’ self-parking feature if you can do this? Serendipity Photography LLCView full post »

Lucky 777

07/07/2007…I wonder how many couples got married that day. We had two weddings that day. I shot a very normalView full post »

Digging through my archives

I was just going through some pictures from couple years ago and I came across some really fun ones. Four of us went toView full post »

Memorial Day Weekend

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend for us, but it turned out to be a busy weekend after all. We met with severalView full post »

Hello Texas!!

Welcome to Serendipity’s Blog. (how’s that for a first blog?) Serendipity Photography LLCView full post »

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